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About JCS Academy

JCS Academy is Japanese Language School in Okinawa, where south part of Japan, and will be opening school 2011 April.

Okinawa belongs to only the subtropical zones in Japan, and currently Okinawa is famous tourism spot for ecotourism, traditional arts, world heritage, and unique festival.

Okinawa is also developing original culture, loving peace, having cultural exchange between various countries and adopting multiple cultures.

After end of the war in Okinawa, Okinawa had been sending Okinawan people to Hawaii, North America, South America as an emigrant island.

JCS Academy is established by the principals who have relationship with the tourism business and the trading business deeply and has desires of rearing human resources for sightseeing.

Our principal, Isamu Arakaki, is the chairperson of Okinawa Karate-Do federation and Naha giant tug of war conservation society which has long history from the Ryukyu Kingdom time.

And our principal teach Karate to people from foreign countries at his training center for developing their skills. After the training, they participate actively to teach their skills and mentality of Karate for Okinawan culture in the world.

JCS Academy teach the student not only studying Japanese, but also studying the etiquette and thoughtfulness as the basis for communication. And we set out that our students from various countries think about the modern society’s problems of environment, differential.

School Feature

1. Practical Japanese Curriculum

From beginner to advanced, our school suggests practical Japanese curriculum and try student to learn useful Japanese.

2. Various Cultural Experience in Okinawa

The principal, Isamu Arakaki , can teach Karate to student for their cultural experience at his Karate hall.

3. Living Environment

Our school is located at central place of Naha city in Okinawa, and convenient place to go shopping, and outgoing.

4. Readily-Accessible Location

Our school is conveniently located and it is 10 minutes from Naha airport by the car.
By the monorail, it is about 8 minutes from the nearest station.

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