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Japanese Course Introduction

Long Term Japanese Course

JCS Academy offers 3 long term Japanese courses. One year course is offered to learn general Japanese, one and half year course and two year course are offered to entre University, College, or Technical school.
All courses are offered student study Japanese intensively from Monday to Friday (760 hours for a year).

Courses Starting months
Regular 1year April/October
Pre College 1.5years October
Pre College 1.9years July
Pre College 2years April

【Regular 1year】

This course is to learn Japanese from beginner level to intermediate through one year, and develop student’s abilities of writing, reading, speaking, listening in General Japanese.

【Pre College 1.5years】 【Pre College 2years】

This course is to prepare entering University, Graduate school, College, or Technical school.
Students learn Japanese from beginner to advanced level to acquire comprehensive Japanese abilities. JCS also prepares special class for EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) for supporting students to entering University, etc...

Registration fee ¥20,000
  Regular 1year Pre College 1.5years Pre College 1.9years Pre College 2years
Entrance ¥80,000 ¥80,000 ¥80,000 ¥80,000
Tuitions ¥600,000 ¥900,000 ¥1,050,000 ¥1,200,000
Facilities and equipment ¥15,000 ¥20,000 ¥22,500 ¥30,000
Teaching materials ¥20,000 ¥25,000 ¥27,500 ¥30,000
Activities ¥15,000 ¥20,000 ¥26,250 ¥25,000
Insurance ¥16,690 ¥24,600 ¥31,790 ¥33,380
Miscellaneous ¥15,000 ¥20,000 ¥25,000 ¥25,000
Total ¥761,690 ¥1,092,100 ¥1,260,540 ¥1,428,380

*Annual expenses should be paid in a lump in principal

Short Term Japanese Course

【3Month Course】
This course is for person who has difficulty to studying in Japan for a long term, who would like to come to Japan for the Working Holiday.
After finishing the course, if you would like to continue your study, you can take next 3month course.

Course(Level) A Course
B Course
Term 3 month
Starting months April, July, October, January
Class hours 9:00am~12:10pm (2classes per day)
Class size 5~15person
Tuition First 3 months ¥152,000
Next 3 months ¥139,000
※Registration fee, Teaching material, Miscellaneous included
※Accommodation fee, overseas travel insurance not included
Application form, Personal resume, 2 Photo(sized 4×3cm), Copy of passport
※please submit all documents 1month before the course starts

※5 students will be the minimum number of opening a class.
※we can arrange upper level class. If you would like to take upper level lesson, please contact to Admission office.

【How to Apply】
① Complete the application form, other documents and send it with a copy of your passport identification photo page to JCS by e-mail or fax. *1 photo should be attached on application form.
② Make your payment before class starts.

※Please purchase overseas travel insurance before leaving your country.        
※Cancellation has not been accepted basically.
In case you require the cancellation, the refund will be based on regulation of JCS.

We can introduce our group company’s hotel as accommodation for student who would like to use.

Station Hotel Makishi : ( URL: )
Room Fare : ¥60,000/ per month (with breakfast)
 ※ Above fare is special fare for JCS Academy’s students.

【Other Short Courses】
In addition to 3 month course, we can arrange other short courses. Which are for person who has a visa of training, stays in Japan for short time, is dependent in a family, or is Japanese spouse. If you would like to take following courses, please contact to JCS admission office.

Following is examples of arrangement courses:

【Private lesson】
【Group lesson】(3person~)
【Cultural Language Training Course】(5person~)
Japanese classes + cultural activities, sightseeing

Admission office
E-mail:      TEL:81-98-862-0045


Lesson Content for Each Student’s Level

Our school organizes classrooms for students in view of each their Japanese ability.

Japanese Class beginner, intermediate, advanced graph

The purpose of beginner level is to have Japanese skill as well or better than Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3.
By using learned Japanese grammar, vocabularies, Kanji, the student will be able to develop their needed communication skill in daily life in Japan.

The purpose of beginner level is to have Japanese skill as well or better than Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2.
Beginning of intermediate level, the student studies intermediate Japanese with reviewing important parts of beginner level.Not only remembering Japanese, our school focuses on useful Japanese.

The purpose of advanced level is to have Japanese skill as well or better than Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.Being equal Japanese ability to higher education, our school develops student’s Japanese abilities of writing, reading, speaking, and listening with training of logical thinking in Japanese.

Annual Schedule

April Karate culture school
Midterm examination
Beach Party etc.
August Summer holidays
Term‐end examination
Karate culture school etc.
December Winter vacation
Karate culture school
Field trip to aquarium, factory
Graduation trip etc.

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